Election: Bahman Yazdanfar Presents Canadians’ Choice Party Candidacy in Beaches – East York

One must live in my shoes and what I have been through to fully appreciate the reasoning behind why I have put my life on hold to establish the small Canadians’ Choice Party and the concept behind it. I never imagined directly getting involved in politics, having witnessed the 1978 Afghanistan “revolution”, the 1979 Iran revolution, the Iran-Iraq war, a number of successful and unsuccessful coups d'etat and subsequent changes in the Afghanistan regime, including the Soviet occupation, and the list goes on. I did  not imagine involving myself in politics until 2006 when, while operating my small consulting firm in Toronto, I experienced excessive intrusion from all levels of government in the private lives of citizens and small business owners, and this did not sit well with me. I realized that either people play with politics or politics plays with them. Trying to stay away from politics, even in a relatively stable western “democracy” such as Canada, does not guarantee safety or protection. That is why I decided to enter into politics to fight the deception and corruption that exist within the system, controlled mainly by the three or four mainstream Parties on the surface.

After extensive research about the structure of local, national, and international political parties, where “democracy” and electoral systems are practiced, I discovered one common denominator among them. All the political parties I’ve studied tout their own visions, designed by just a few, usually tailored to the perceived needs of their constituents at the time of elections. I also looked deep into Canada’s Westminster Parliamentary System and noticed there is no mention of any political party in it.

Frustrated at what is happening to me and the rest of the population, I began designing a structure for a political party to correspond with the Westminster Parliamentary System. Although I wanted to register a federal Party, the Canadians’ Choice Party (CCP), a Provincially registered Party was born, just before the 2011 Ontario General Election. Work on producing a Party constitution started and it was published on the Party’s website, just after the premature 2014 Ontario General Election.

I started to see that real challenges are ahead of me; just running a political party is not enough to fight with this giant established system which has been monopolized by The Gang of Three. Hence, I began a series of online talk shows such as Independent Nation and Voters Echo, on which I interviewed people ranging from elected members of different levels of government to ordinary voters who have moderate to extreme views on any given subject.

Although I reside in Toronto – Danforth, I decided to run in Beaches – East York where some of my good friends reside. However, the main deciding factor was the wasteful actions of Arthur Potts, who has been the Liberal MPP for the last four years. Case in point, in July 2015 he announced that “the province is providing an additional $449,000 in funding for a 15-force provincial police team that investigates and prosecutes “hate crimes and hate propaganda.”  The result was wasting almost half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money to ”fight” with a locally published political satire newspaper which criticizes political elites and the Liberal government. Since then, Potts, the Thought Police, and a number of the Liberals have continuously worked toward stifling citizens who criticize this Liberal government, or any Liberal for that matter. Meanwhile, patients in our hospital stay in hallways and wait long hours in emergencies and are given the excuse that there’s a lack of funding! We need qualified people to fix this crippled system of ours and not a bunch of incompetent, corrupt and crooked Liberal gangsters.

Unlike other Parties, instead of appeasing just a segment of the society, the CCP focuses on candidates, with a belief that the first important step is to find good and qualified men and women who are willing to represent their constituencies, and do so without any direction on policies and platforms prior to elections by their Party’s leadership. A government consisting of true and genuine representatives can make much better action plans than the present system, addressing the electorate’s needs and wants in more practical ways than it does now.

The CCP’s constitution explains how its open democratic voting system works and how one can be qualified as a voting member. Membership does not qualify a person to have a voting right; this policy has been made to protect the Party from being taken over.

I might add that I am fully aware that the chance of getting elected is next to none; however, I strongly believe that any small positive change makes a big difference in the long run.