How to bring a touch of elegance to your entryway

(NC) Beyond your front door, your foyer or entryway sets the tone for your entire home, creating a first impression of your interior living space. But while inspiration abounds for the main rooms in the home, the front foyer is often overlooked. This missed opportunity holds great potential. Think of it like the first paragraph of an amazing story. It should be stimulating and inviting, encouraging us to discover more of what lies within.

Elevating this space from ignored to impactful is easier than you think. It simply requires bringing in elements of elegance you might already be using in other areas of your home.

By far, the easiest way to do this is with paint. I like Para Paints’ designer-inspired serenity colour collection palette to create a tranquil space that feels just a little bit luxe. When it comes to paint colours, my favourite pairing is Glamour (405 A), balanced by the darker stone Malachite (405 E) and the freshness of White Design (WH 01), perfect for trim. This combo instantly creates an upscale sophistication to make your foyer feel worthy of any home décor magazine’s chic and glossy pages. 

With paint as your foundation, complement the beautifully painted walls and trim with sleek, stylish furniture and accessories to complete the look. Opt for a console, foyer or sofa table with clean lines to act as an anchor. A mirror can serve as a statement piece, bringing the illusion of light and space. Elegant additions can include fresh flowers, a tufted bench, sconces, vases or artwork.  

Whatever your style, your home’s foyer should be a striking space with colour that evokes feeling. It should serve as a preview, inspiring guests to anticipate the beauty beyond its welcoming preface.

Scott McGillivray is the host of the hit HGTV series Income Property and Moving the McGillivrays, a real estate investor, contractor, author and educator.